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Products > Wound Dressing > Silicone Dressing > Silicone Foam Dressing 
Silicone Foam Dressing 
Product name : Silicone Foam Dressing 
Product No. : SWD004
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Silicone Foam Dressing Product Features:

1.  Gentle on the skin, painless to remove, with no residue
2.  ‘Vertically’ absorbs wound mucosa exudates, reduce the risk of maceration around the wound
3.  Big absorption capacity, this dressing keeps the wound under appropriate temperature and humidity according to ‘moist healing’ principles
4.  Reusable and not adhere to the wound
5.  Not damage new epithelial cells when removed
6.  Helps to reduce scarring
7.  Waterproof, permeable. Showering is allowed while using this dressing
8.  Soft and comfortable, good compression, works as cushion

Silicone Foam dressing Intended Application:

1.  Applicable to a variety of acute and chronic wounds, especially highly exudating wounds
2.  Used for the prevention and treatment of various pressure ulcers

Silicone Foam dressing Cautions:

1: Coverage should be at least 2 cm over the edge of the wound
2: Not used for oxidizing solutions, such as Hypochlorite solutions or Hydrogen peroxide solutions (H2O2)
3: Stop using if the patient is allergic to silicone.


Size (cm)


5 x 5


7.5 x 7.5


10 x 10


12.5 x 12.5


15 x 15


15 x 20  


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