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Alginate Dressing
Product name : Alginate Dressing
Product No. : SWD001
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Calcium Alginate Dressing  is a kind of high-tech mixed by alginate fiber which is refined from the natural seaweed plant and calcium ion through special process. This wound dressing can absorb wound exudates and form a gel-like covering over the wound. The gel maintains a moist environment to accelerate wound healing. Meanwhile, the alginate gel will not adhere to wound during dressing changes, which avoids second damage.


1. It’s the mixture of natural seaweed and Calcium ion, and it has good histocompatibility.

2. Gel could be formed when the dressing meets exudates and blood, skin then could be protected which could speed up the healing process.

3. The dressing could absorb lots of exudates quickly.

4. It’s soft and comfortable to the skin.

5. Release of Calcium ion could activate prothrombi, and accelerate the cruor.

6. It will not stick to the wound and it will protect the nerve terminals, reduce pain and easy to be peeled off from the skin.

7. It can filled in the wound and enhance the growth of the cavity. 

2" X 2", 2" X 4", 2" X 8" ,4’’ X4’’ ,4’’ X 6’’,4’’ X 8’’ or customized.

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